We get many questions about our lifestyle.Here are some of the most common.

Don’t you find it too small?   

ANS. Sometimes, but on the whole we are used to its size. In fact when we house sit we find a house too big.


SAM_0222          SAM_0223

How do you get your own space?

ANS: Derek goes for bike rides, I go for walks, or The bedroom is separated
a curtain . Basically you learn to respect each others space.

IMG_2362      DSC03712

Has the bus still got its original motor?

ANS: Yes it has. It’s a AEC 505

Do you get cold?

ANS: We have a wood fire in the bus which keeps us warm during the day and evening. At night  it can be cold but that’s what beds are for.

How do you know where to stay?

ANS: We belong to the Motor Caravan Association in New Zealand.( NZMCA) as members we get a comprehensive directory  showing us sites from freedom camping to Top 10 camp sites.

How do you manage without power?

ANS: We have three solar panels that total 330 amps and we have two 200 amps AH deep cycle batteries. We also have a 1500 watt inverter and a 750 watt generator.


What happens if you want to have an argument?

DSCN9889     DSCN9885

We try to get out of the situation by getting away by our selves and praying for God’s help. If all that fails we argue but make sure we forgive each other before the end of the day.

please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer them.


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