Our Christian Walk


We became committed Christians in our late thirties early forties, and from that time we committed ourselves we would follow God wherever He would led us and do to the best of our ability we would do what he asked us.

First we went to bible college in Adelaide where we were the oldest students and also had a family. While there we lived by faith and a little income from the Australian government to help with the children’s schooling. I remember a time I needed bread for guest for dinner , so I prayed  and asked our heavenly father. Half an hour before the guest arrived  The neighbour’s daughter came over and asked if I needed bread,When i told her i did she went to get it. What she brought over blew us away It was a baker’s tray full of bread, buns , cakes pies etc. She worked at a bakery and her mother was tired of all the food, so for six months every week we were supplied with all manner of bakery products. Our God does not just provide our needs but he does it abundantly

God gives more

After three years we came back to New Zealand and did six months training At WEC Mission organisation in Auckland where we lived in two rooms Our plan was to go to Ghana but God had other ideas. We ended up being ministers at the Te Anau  Presbyterian church for 18 months.

At the completion of our time there we went up to Christchurch and into the Pentecostal stream of churches. First into the Elim and then into a church that was just coming out of a cult situation. From there we ended up planting a church at Rolleston which is 20km south of Christchurch on the main south Road. We started the church with 12 people and grew it to over sixty by the time God called us out.

keep cal jesus

All this time we tried  to live our life by faith and trust God to bring about what he asked us to do. No we didn’t get it right all the time we doubted and stressed and tried our own ways . We are human after all. But always God would bring us back on the path he wanted us to walk.

After we had handed the Rolleston church over to someone else we went to  Ashburton  to live at this time we were not pastoring but God was preparing us for a life on the road. which required even greater faith from us as we had to rely on Him to provide all we needed and his guidance in where to go and what to do. It has been the most amazing journey as we have met people and done things we would never have thought of being able to do. We have many God encounters, such as a man asked us to stay on his poultry farm and then spent the time asking us questions about God. Or like the Arab man who walked into our bus and then told us how hard his Christian walk was as people treated him badly as they assumed he was a Muslim. Or the old lady who had  lost her husband a few months before but hadn’t felt strong enough to sort through his things. I could go on endlessly about his provision, his protection,  all the fun things he has led us too and his strength and peace in all situations.god bigger plan


One thought on “Our Christian Walk

  1. Neat to read. Often wondered what you have been up to since we last had contact so long ago. Isn’t God great leading us in so many unpredictable ways. May his blessings continue in your travels.


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