Learning curves

Not all our travels have been plain sailing we have had many learning adventures. Like the time in our GMC bus which weighed 13 ton, we managed to get really stuck on a track on a property we were staying on. As we on the only flat place and the drive was steep up from that and with it raining for nearly a week we had to wait to get out.  Nothing was big enough to pull us out and up hill we had to do it under our own steam. Derek dug out as much as he could then put heaps of large stones from a water way under the wheels and finally managed to drive us out.

Memo to self: check thoroughly the ground before you park.



Another incident  was a little more dramatic. while towing our car between Hastings and Napier we had to stop because of a scrub fire, The fire department finally decided we had to turn back and go along an alternative route. well for us that was not so easy as we tow a car and the old bus could not turn round in one go . So we had to unhitch the car turn the bus and re-hitch the car. When we re-hitched I didn’t check that it was out of gear properly, so by the time we had towed it in gear a few Kilometers it got very hot and burst into flames. Fortunately Derek and kind strangers got it unhitched and away from the bus , also people helped to put it out before the fire engine arrived from the other fire.

Memo to self:  Double check. We now have a system where we both check.


When we got our new bus we were not familiar  with how much power it had We knew it was a lot slower than the old one but assumed it would be fine on the hills also.However we found out the hard way that it wasn’t able to go up as steep as a hill towing the car as we were used too.

We decided to go see a old settlers  hut on a small side road at Roxburgh Central Otago
however the road was steeper and narrower than we thought and the old girl ran out of puff three quarters of the way up. We had to unhitch the car on this steep slope which was rather scary for me as I had to drive it back while coaxed the bus the rest of the way up the hill. After much prayer he made it and turned the bus round then came back for the car. We thank God for getting us out of a very tricky situation.

Memo to self: Make sure  you have enough power to get up the hill by disconnecting the car first.


Another small but hilarious incident was in the new bus not long after we had got it. I went to get into bed but this bed was higher than the old one coming up to my hips and as I’m a bit on the short side this was a bit of a problem. I put on leg on the bed or so I thought and did a push an jump to get fully on, except I hadn’t put the other leg up properly and i ended up on the floor and the space between the bed and wall is not much so I was stuck. My dear beloved couldn’t stop laughing enough to help me at first and I couldn’t stop laughing enough to get up.

Memo to Self: make sure there is a bed under you before lifting both feet off the floor.



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