Aussie Trip

Our 1999 Ford Falcon and 1977 Travel Home caravan
inside our caravan home basic but comfortable.

In Late Feb this year we went to Aussie for a two month tour holiday. We had bought the car in Sydney while we were in NZ We bought it off line along with the Caravan as we felt God prompting us. The caravan was at a little place called Bonnie Doon in Victoria. Whenever we told people where we got the van from they said “Oh like in the movie The Castle.” As we had never seen it, by the time we got back to New Zealand we were very keen to get the DVD and see what it was about.

The first weekend we stayed with out nephew and family in Sydney and went exploring the sites.


Then we stayed a week with the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary in Camden about 1 1/2hr south of Sydney at their little piece of Heaven on Earth, where we were very blessed.


We then did a day trip to Bonnie Doon. We were told it was about six hour trip, but it took 10 1/2hrs to get there and that was without many stops.We were very tired and hot when we arrived. We couldn’t collect the caravan until the next day as we had to go to the next big town to get the paper work and new tyres for the van . For us kiwis it was a bit of a trail as the temperature was was up over 40 degrees where it stayed for the next few days. We were very grateful for good air conditioning in the car.

Our next leg of the journey was across country via Bendigo, St Arnaud, Horsham etc, to Adelaide where we stayed with our daughter, son-in -law and five beautiful grandchildren.

Narrung Ferry over the Murray River at Lake Alexandrina

After a couple of weeks we started our journey back to Sydney via the coastal roads.

We traveled around through the Coorang to Kingston SE. where I found a paper nautilus shell on the beach an absolute treasure to add to my shell collection. We stayed here for the night then went to Mt Gambier the next day where we were able to catch up with some chores.


Beautiful blue lake Mt Gambier

We continued our journey through Port Fairy, Warrambool and down the Great Ocean Rd.

all beautiful places. The great ocean road was amazing with the beautiful with such sites as the Bay of Islands, Twelve apostles and the arches. This is a very popular tourist trip so we met many amazing people form all countries and cultures.

The Arches                                                                           At the twelve Apostles

We  stopped for the night after a big day at Cape Ottway which took us a bit to find as we were travelling after dark through windy bush roads but finally we found where we wee planning to camp. We were only freedom camping all our trip some places were easier to find than others.

Next day we continued along the Great Ocean Rd past Apollo Bay,Lorne, Torquay and on to Geelong all different but with their own beauty. At Lorne we enjoyed watching a man feed Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. at Geelong we enjoyed the wooden pole people.

One of our biggest challenges was negotiating through Melbourne with a GPS that was not really working. Finally we made it through. We had decided we would go up to Walhalla inland to the mountains which was a historic gold mining town. As we love history and old building it was awesome to see.

We couldn’t stay anywhere her so went down to a town called Rosedale where we stayed a couple of days to catch up with the chores and make use of the free showers the town provided. Our journey took us next through Lakes Entrance, Orbost, Gipsy bay and Mallacoota.

Lakes Entrance.

We went on to Bega and visited the cheese factory which was very interesting.then went to Tilba Tilba  another  heritage town  and the on to Batemans Bay where we visited a shell and opal museum very interesting.

We continued to make our way back to the Canaan at Camden  for another weeks stay before heading back to Christchurch. In total we drove 5,500 Km and only saw one tiny corner of this vast country.







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