Camping in a carpark

When we are travelling we often choose places to stay that perhaps are not very appealing.

Because we belong to New Zealand Motor caravan Association/  we are provided with a directory of all the places you can stay from Top 10 camps to car parks of clubs. We are given permission to stay in car parks as long as we are members and are self contained.

If we need to do messages in town ,or arrive in a new town and a club is very central we will opt to stay there, to be  central  to activities. It can be an interesting place, you get to meet many locals who can share awesome places to visit, that we could otherwise miss,or they can share the best places to get bargains. It can be a noisy place with all the comings and goings, you can also feel a bit like you are in a fishbowl with people looking at you all the time. Other travelers often use the same places so you can share your travelling experiences and good places to stay. If you are at a club you can use their facilities and join others for meals chats,  drinks , or catch up with sports on their big screens.

They usually have a time limit you can stay which we adhere to very strictly because we aim to responsible campers and follow our organisation guidelines as it is a privilege to be able to stay in such places to make site seeing easier.

We want to thank the organisation for all their hard work in negotiating these places we can stay. I n have to admit if we have a prolonged stay I am desperate to get out to the wild blue spaces again. As we journey around this beautiful country we will continue to stay in car parks and enjoy all they offer



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