I enjoy crafts and it was something we had to consider when we started out on this travelling lifestyle as it would be like trying to stop me breathing to leave craft out of my life. Ok! what can fit in a bus was my dilemma as I enjoyed many and varied crafts. I settled on card making as paper craft is my favourite As Derek says it takes up one side of the bus under the seats and in the cupboards. Here are some of the cards I have made.

If I we are house sitting I make up a lot to fill my box, but if we are travelling I make only one or two. Sometimes I make up kit sets with what I would like to put on a card and leave it unmade until I feel a need to make cards and then I have only to stick them together. I love working with 3D and building up pictures. 

I also love knitting and I have taught myself to crochet, so at present I am making a granny square rug. I have made it enough across so now  are working on building it up.



The other hobby I really enjoy is miniatures , that is a little harder to do on the bus so I left that out until Derek brought me this really awesome kitset Caravan to make . It is 1/12th scale and a bit of a challenge as there are many pieces and the instructions are in Chinese. Derek is really great in helping me work out the pieces  as he is a good handiman.

We both collect shells and stones and rocks as we travel around. One of my prize shells we collected was a paper nautilus off a beach in Australia. Derek also collects model buses and cars. He also enjoys riding his bike and we love reading. So yes we have been able to enjoy our hobbies as we travel. We do need to put the stones and shells in storage  every now and again.


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