Daily Prompt: Folly

via Daily Prompt: Folly

Many of us walk through life making wrong decisions as we try to go it alone. We make wrong decisions in our relationships, in our jobs and in our leisure life, because we pick what we think is best without thinking through our choices. We need someone to lead us and show us the right way, that is why we have the bible and God’s word to keep us walking a path that is good for us, but even more we need to have a relationship with our heavenly father through Jesus His son.

As a very committed Christian I have to ask God daily to lead my path otherwise I would let my natural nature over take  and as I am a feisty person and out spoken it would be a great folly to not surrender to Jesus and follow the path he has set out before me. No! I don’t always get it right, but God forgives me and encourages me to keep walking His way.

So I encourage you to reach out to Jesus and give Him a go in your life and see if His love does help you to be the person he created you to be.


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