Daily Prompt: Tempted

via Daily Prompt: Tempted

It is hard to change habits that you have had all your life. I have started on doing without  sugar or at least reduce it to as low as possible. I need to do this for the good of my health as I have been diagnosed as prediabetic and I am going going down the road of that! The trouble is because I am so hooked on sweet things the temptation is to say a little won’t hurt, but in actual fact it puts you on a deadly treadmill where you swing up and down and are more likely to go back to your old ways. when I am tempted which is every day I pray and ask God’s strength, remove myself from temptation, drink water or have a healthy snack, like rice cracker with a little cheese. Because I am on a non gluten diet with other food allergies I am even more tempted to want to keep sugar in my diet as it sometimes seems there are too many restrictions on the food i can safely eat.

I have been reading books such as Beat sugar addiction now! by Jacob Teitelbaum MD and Chrystle  Fiedler and Everything guide to the blood sugar diet by  Emily Barr M S R D. Also seeking out web sites. such as; Davinia Mccall How to be sugar free. Live love nourish sugar free gluten dairy free recipes. My daughter is also helping as she has manged to go sugar free and stay that way. It helps to have people to encourage you.

Slowly I am becoming less addicted to sugar and found healthy options that  are satisfying and can also help with the sweet tooth that I crave, but the more I don’t have sugar the sweeter it tastes if I am tempted and the less I want it.




One thought on “Daily Prompt: Tempted

  1. Hi Margaret….try this wonderful website which will help you in EVERY way. It’s called “Hallelujah Acres” USA. (name of their property). Been going for many years with fully qualified Nutritionists and Doctors in their University of Nutrition. Not a “fly by night” organisation but well tested and approved over many many years. Website http://www.hacres.com In Australia where you are at the moment they have some trained Health Ministers but you could get training yourself online. Stacks and stacks of recipes and advice online but you could spend hours learning and finding out heaps of information. Just remember ONE teaspoon of sugar KNOCKS OUT your immune system for 5 hours and who wants that. Keep on dropping that white “killer”…you can do it. Have a wonderful year. God bless. Beth F


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