Further to walking sugar free.

I am starting to win the battle with becoming sugar free. It was an amazing help being with my daughter in Adelaide as she has successfully done this so was able to give me lots of helpful tips, such as having a few blueberries with breakfast or snake to help me with the craving for fruit, which of course is high in fructose which I am trying to avoid. I was a several pieces of fruit a day eater, which is now down to  a few berries or pieces of banana or other fruit. Really great. I have learnt to eat nuts, the soft ones as I cant chew  hard nuts. I eat a lot of veges as snacks , like tiny cucumber or little tomatoes. Because I am gluten free a eat corn thins, and such like instead of bread.  I have found my taste has changed considerably and things I thought were ok are way too sweet, so have desire to eat them.


I am aware of reading labels even more carefully to find the sugar content. At present I am touring Australia with my husband in a little caravan so things that I would make for myself are not possible, so I am even more careful and inventive. The up side as well is I have lost weight and have more energy. I recommend reading up about this poison and  make the changes in your life. I still have a problem now and again , but I don’t let it get me down and start afresh each day and with the grace of God I am able to make this important change in my life, very necessary for my health as I had been diagnosed as a pre-diabetic.


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